Raush Whitepaper
February 15, 2022

Raush's White Paper

Fabian Dagostin

Fabian Dagostin

CEO of Raush

Raush unlocks the full potential of travel, by making it truly accessible to everyone.

Our Thesis:

  • Everyone is a traveler.
  • Every traveler will become a creator.
  • Every creator will earn.

Our Insights:

Selling & buying travel on social media is not possible. Making travel content bookable from the content you view, unlocks the ability for creators (individuals & businesses) to exchange travel with one another.

This layer connecting social media with travel could transact upto $165 billion dollars. But, we think this could be much larger, considering already today, 90% of Millenials & Gen-Z, use Social Media as their primary source for travel planning. Historically, travel brands have flocked to the cheapest distribution channel, especially when they own an organic audience they can monetize.  Additionally, it creates a novel ‘vendor vertical’ – content creators. Imagine the power of peer-to-peer commerce, in an industry that is built upon trust &  recommendations. This is an ever-growing opportunity, where ‘content is eating the world’.

Raush is building the layer to connect travel & social media. Along with the infrastructure to enable peer-to-peer commerce. Since travel has been built for the 90’s, a new infrastructure is needed – from access to inventory, distribution, and fintech. We democratize access to travel’s inventory and commissions, and natively integrate with social networks, to allow anyone to sell travel and monetize their travel recommendations.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Before Raush, earning from travel was hard.
    • Democratizing access to travel inventory and its commissions solved this problem.
  • Before Raush, selling travel was hard.
    • The invention of tagging content with travel products (flights, hotels and activities), and integrations with social media, made distributing travel incredibly easy & cost effective.
  • Before Raush, buying travel was hard.
    • The ability to purchase travel products directly from the content you view solved this problem.

Our Economic Impact:

  • With Raush, anyone can sell travel.
    • Anyone can become their own travel business and make extra money. Selling travel is as easy as sharing a WhatsApp link or posting an image on social media. 
  • With Raush, travel is more sustainable.
    • The enormous 65% revenue-to-marketing expense ratio will be eliminated through organic peer-to-peer sales. Stronger unit economics, and streamlined buyer journeys, will drive higher earnings for creator.
  • With Raush, new sectors are on the horizon.
    • Even the smallest magical moments can be captured and shared. Untouched services & products, such as individual menu items in restaurants, will become monetizable recommendations.

Our Longivity:

  • Passion is the greatest driver of motivation. Thereof, we bet that the passion economy (or creator economy) will transform industries, exponentially, and dominate them for generations to come.
  • Peer-to-peer & web 3.0 will fuel the engine of defensible network-effect platforms. A true digital fortress exists when, at first, its users earn more than the platform itself.

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