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At Raush, we truly believe travel needs to be rebuilt. To make it accessible to everyone.

We founded Raush with the goal of building the first platform that empowers anyone to earn from travel. By democratizing how travel is earned, sold, and booked, we can redistribute the billions of travel commissions into the hands of peers. We influence millions of peoples travel choices but don’t get a share of the sales. Now, we do.  

When we do that, more people can do more. To break away from our digitally driven lives and connect more with our environment and communities.

Everyone is a traveler.

Travel Creators Economy

Every traveler will be a creator.

Every creator will earn.

Raush story starts back in 2014 while backpacking. Over the years, the 3 co-founders created several products with the shared passion to make travel more accessible. Whether it was making local insider tips more accessible or technology that guides you, our journey was covered by prestigious news outlets, leading us to travel earnings.

Raush core focus is to help our creators to earn, while making travel bookings seamless. Over the coming months, we will be launching several exciting innovations to enable sustainable, predictable, recurring revenues. 

There are fundamental changes happening to our society. Democratization of information, communication, finance, insurance, travel etc. Changes in consumer behaviors and needs. Shifts in our labor force. We bet that the creator economy and web3, will radically shift our current society. 

Travel Creators Economy

Creators Economy

Passion is the greatest driver of motivation. Thereof, we bet that the passion economy (or creator economy) will transform industries, exponentially, and dominate them for generations to come.


Peer-to-peer & web3 will fuel the engine of defensible network-effect platforms. A true digital fortress exists when its users earn more than the platform itself.

In case you see eye-to-eye, or challenge our bets, consider joining our team. 

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