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We founded Raush with the goal to empower anyone to earn from travel. We share our travel experiences over dinner. We post our travel content across social media. We influence millions of people’s travel choices. Yet, we don’t receive a slice from the sales. Now, we do.

Raush is the first platform that allows travelers, content creators, and businesses to ‘travel & earn’. Simply, tag flights, hotels, and activities in your social media posts, share them with your audiences, and earn the booking commissions. In turn, help your family & friends enjoy the simplest booking experience to your favorite experiences, globally. 

Join our movement to make travel accessible to everyone. By making every travel recommendation/content a travel product, every social media profile an individual booking engine, and every traveler a travel business.

Everyone is a traveler.

Travel Creators Economy

Every traveler is a creator.

Every creator will earn.

Raush core focus is to increase the worth of content, for the creator to receive value from it. Imagine a world without stunning travel content which we passionately consume.

Content is not just colors. It’s a valuable recommendation. To date, 90% of us, millennials, and Gen-Z, use this content to plan our trips. Yet, the individuals who produce the insightful content, have a very hard time monetizing. By enabling travel creators to use their content to sell travel products (flights, hotels and activities), the cycle is closed. Unlocking more personalized, knowledgable, higher produced content.

Help travel content creators turn their passion into a full-time profession. Use their tools, built by Raush, to book and plan your trips. To enable sustainable, predictable, recurring revenues.

With social media democratizing distribution, the creator economy hitting the mainstream, and social commerce growing adoption, it gives birth to content-led commerce – the ability to book, from the content you view. We bet that the creator economy and web3, will radically shift how our society sells, buys and earns. 

Travel Creators Economy

Creators Economy

Passion is the greatest driver of motivation. Thereof, we bet that the passion economy (or creator economy) will transform industries, exponentially, and dominate them for generations to come.


Peer-to-peer & web3 will fuel the engine of defensible network-effect platforms. A true digital fortress exists when its users earn more than the platform itself.

In case you see eye-to-eye, or challenge our bets, consider joining our team. 

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